About Us


Specialised Lighting Solutions (SLS) is a national leader in providing lighting solutions for all applications. SLS specializes in providing services including the design, supply, project management and maintenance of lighting services for retail, industrial, property management, hospitality and a host of other applications covering all spectrums of the market.


SLS is able to provide the complete lighting solution for its customers. SLS services are provided as follows:

  • Lighting audit at site
  • Accredited lighting design completed
  • Supply of light fitting/control systems
  • Project management of installation
  • Ongoing supply of replacement lamps under maintenance contract

SLS is unique as it provides its customers the total lighting solution. It begins with on site lighting audits from its qualified sales personnel which usually results in subsequent lighting designs from its accredited lighting design team. At this point SLS procures a quality lamp or light fitting solution for its customers, and controls the supply, installation and project management of the system. The final piece of the puzzle to provide the ultimate service is to provide the ongoing lamp replacement needs to each site under a lamp maintenance contract. This is our Complete Turn Key Lighting Solution! Not only does this produce a quality product but also enable our customers to streamline their supplier base to one competent lighting supplier and focus more on their core business or activity. The breadth of this service offering is unique to SLS and unmatched in the Australian lighting market!


SLS is a true distributor providing access for our customers to all major local and international brands. Whether it be lighting control systems, light fittings or individual lamps and components SLS is the vehicle that can deliver these solutions with a host of value adds. SLS prides itself on recommending and providing the best product for the application irrespective of brand or country of origin. A manufacturer can only provide their Brand or product – SLS will provide the best solution!


SLS is not only a major national distributor, but also part of the L&H Group in Australia, having access to over 180 individual electrical wholesale branches located throughout Australia trading as Lawrence & Hanson and Auslec. This enables us to provide local stock and sales support to the most remote areas of Australia not only for lighting but also other electrical, safety and MRO products. This service network gives our customers an unparalleled level of comfort, service and support.